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Founded in 1984 by former professional soccer player Aleks Mihailovic, Soccer Made in America (SMIA) was established to provide individual and collective growth. The SAFE Foundation story truly began in 1987, when Mihailovic conducted a soccer training camp in Chicago’s Cabrini Green. 500 young children showed up for their first SMIA camp. Though the poverty and living conditions were overwhelming, the smiles on the children's faces persevered.


After witnessing one of the highest forms of poverty, Mihailovic created the SAFE Foundation, a non-profit organization designed to ease financial difficulties for underprivileged children ages 4 to 17.  SAFE gifts children the opportunity to learn, grow and develop with one of the top soccer training programs in the country. ​

With the help of our corporate sponsors and individual contributions, we are able to successfully provide uplifting opportunities for children to experience high-level training, enhanced education, better living environments, professional coaching, and travel abilities to college showcase tournaments across the United States. 


Since its existence, the SAFE Foundation has enriched thousands of children's lives, on and off the field. One in particular, Rigoberto Rojas. You can find his story here


We are very thankful for the corporations and individuals who provide support for the SAFE Foundation. Through the game of soccer, our work has inspired young children to make better decisions through the mentorship and guidance we provide. Ultimately becoming a second family for many children. We believe athletic excellence can be achieved by a child’s self-esteem, community resources, and a strong educational platform. 

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