SMIA Contribution

The SMIA Contribution

The SAFE Foundation is in partnership with Soccer Made in America (SMIA), the nationally renowned soccer training organization that provides the very best in technical and tactical soccer training, in accordance with the latest FIFA methodology.

Founded in 1984 by world-class soccer player and licensed coach Aleks Mihailovic, SMIA operates many highly-regarded soccer camps for 4- to 17-year-old boys and girls in cities and states across the country. They include Day Camps, Residential Camps, “Heart & Soul” Camps for highly advanced players, and customized training for high schools and soccer clubs outside of SMIA’s purview.

An important aspect of SMIA’s mission is to enable SAFE Foundation’s financially disadvantaged players the same opportunity to participate in some of the nation’s best soccer camps and tournaments. SMIA and the SAFE Foundation believe that soccer has the ability to transform and unite, and that all children deserve this opportunity, regardless of economic circumstances.

SMIA also offers its world-class training to other coaches and athletic directors, including both classroom and field training sessions. The classroom work is focused on theory and modern techniques, while the field sessions are both technical and practical.

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