Make a Pledge Donation

Make a Pledge Donation

While we receive contributions through our Donate Now function from individuals interested in helping the financially disadvantage children we serve – with every dollar going to their participation in our programs – we need larger and ongoing contributions to help us realize our long-term goal of expanding our program to more communities and more kids.

To that end, won’t you consider making a Pledge – in your own name or in honor of someone you love who also loves kids – and spreading your payments over a comfortable period of time? We know it’s not easy to put your hands on a large sum of money, but payments made over time may be easier and will surely bolster our existing programs and services.

And, all of our generous Pledge Donors will be listed on our website as such (unless you prefer anonymity).

Just complete our Pledge Form and mail or scan/email it to SAFE Foundation:

P.O. Box 5345, Oak Brook, IL 60522


Thank you for your generosity!