The SAFE Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides 4- to 17-year-old financially disadvantaged and otherwise underprivileged children with the invaluable opportunity to learn and play soccer with one of the top soccer training programs in the country.

Founded in 1987, the SAFE Foundation (“Soccer Arts for Education”) believes that athletic excellence – in this case, achieved through soccer – has a direct bearing on a child’s self-esteem and educational success. The benefits of playing a team sport also have a directly positive impact on the concept of teamwork and cooperation with others.

Founded by Aleks Mihailovic, a former professional soccer player and U.S. Soccer Federation licensed coach, SAFE’s programs take a page from its sister organization Soccer Made in America (SMIA), the nationally renowned soccer training program also founded by Coach Aleks. SAFE and SMIA participants hit the field together, creating a unique model where everyone is treated equally and entitled to the same world-class programs and training. The SAFE Foundation currently conducts its camps and clinics in Illinois, Wisconsin, Florida and Nevada.

Money raised by the SAFE Foundation is used to underwrite the participation of high-potential but financially disadvantaged children in its professionally managed soccer programs, as well as to augment academic scholarships already earned by its older players heading to colleges and universities.

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